What Our Clients Have To Say:

“Paragon Safety Group provides safety professionals to support our company when we are running low on internal safety resources and need the help. They have been an integral part of our operations here at Donley’s Concrete Group, and we have been extremely happy with their service. We plan to continue using Paragon Safety Group for years to come.”
-Javier P.
Regional Safety Coordinator
Donley’s Concrete Group
AGC – 2012 Construction Safety Excellence Award Winner

Some of our other partners had these things to say:

  • “Very professional. Well done.” – Earl L.
  • “…you can tell Rob really cares about the course and the people in it…” – Peter M.
  • “Very good presentation.” – Nathan H.
  • “This class helped me so much…” – Alejandro D.
  • “Great job. Presenter related well to field conditions and worker’s concerns.” – Randy D.
  • “Very informative training.” – Pamela R.
  • “Great job.” – Chance R.
  • “Good class.” – Billy B.
  • “The presenter did an outstanding job during this class…” – April S.
  • “The class was taught in a manner that was interactive and kept us attentive.” – Ryan A.
  • “The presenter kept the class interesting.” – Barry S.
  • “Great instructor.” – Jeff S.
  • “Best class ever.” – Javier G.
  • “Keep it up. I enjoyed your class.” –Clinton J.
  • “It was a very good and informative class.” – Robert W.